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Train to Become a Mechanic

Always liked engines?

Taking things apart?

Getting your hands dirty?

There are a lot of different types of engines and vehicles in this country . . . and they all need someone to fix them every once in a while. Maybe that someone will be you. Car Dealer Mechanic on the Job

The Mechanic
There are several benefits to becoming a professional engine mechanic.

1. You can get started after just a short initial training.

You won't know that much when you first start, but you'll know enough to get hired and to start working. And then you'll learn on the job from there.

2. There are potential jobs everywhere. Auto mechanics are needed everywhere. Good car mechanics can find a job in any town.

Motorcycle and truck mechanics have plenty of opportunities too, although there are fewer of those positions. Marine and airplane mechanic jobs are not found everywhere. They are concentrated more in just certain cities and areas.

3. The pay is pretty good.

Now, it's not doctor/lawyer money, but it's still pretty good. You will have to work for it, professional shops aren't going to pay you to sit on your butt.

4. Experienced mechanics will be able to have regular daytime work hours. Most shops aren't open evenings. A few are open on Saturdays and very few on Sundays, so you should be able to have your evenings, weekends and holidays free to spend with family or friends.

It's Not All Fun and Games
There are some negative aspects of being a working mechanic.

1. Your work environment can be loud, noisy, and a bit chaotic. You will most likely share your general workspace with a small group of others who you will have to get along with.

2. Your hands will be dirty most of the time. You will have mechanic hands.

3. There is the potential to get hurt on the job. Accidents happen. You're around motors and machines and power equipment. Stuff happens. You will need to always be careful.

4. There is a career ceiling. Shops don't need the best mechanic in the world, they just need good, experienced and trustworthy mechanics.

So even if you become absolutely great at your job, you won't get paid much more than someone who is just good at their job. In order to get up into the next level of salary, you will either have to take on supervisor or manager responsibilities or get entrepreneurial and start your own place.

You get started by enrolling in a training program -- Mechanics Programs -- through a vocational, trade or community college or school. A few programs result in an associate's diploma (ADO) but most are shorter, highly specific training programs that end with a certificate of completion.

The Career
Almost all mechanics specialize in just one type of machine — diesel trucks, motorcycles, automobiles, boats or planes. Each has their own characteristics, advantages and disadvantages.

You just have to pick the one that interests you the most and the one that is most practical to where you live. So, if you want to work on boats, you gotta live where there are a lot of boats. If you want to fix airplanes, you can't live in a small town.